Charles Pender Running for City Council

Former two-term mayor and city councillor, Charles Pender, announced today that he is seeking a seat on Corner Brook City Council in the upcoming municipal elections, scheduled for September 28, 2021. “I’ve been lucky enough to serve as a councillor and as mayor. The mayor speaks for council. I want to speak for you,” said Pender. Pender has noticed that things have really slowed down in the City over the last number of years. While there has been a new sign and a train, core services have paid the price. Strange deals, in particular the Nursing School – Annex deal, have been entertained. Money has been wasted on things like a roundabout. Meanwhile, many city streets are in pitiful condition. During his two terms as Mayor, Pender says he helped bring over $100 million of project funding to the City – including for parks, roads, storm sewer systems, bridges and walking trails, and our new water treatment plant.Pender also believes it is important to communicate with fellow residents, and if elected, he has committed to doing just that. “Hard questions need to be asked over the next four years. I would like to be there to ask those questions, and to help get things movintg again, ” said Pender. “I will speak out to make sure that core services get the attention they need, that wasteful spending stops, and that our nursing school remains in Corner Brook. T

Corner Brook Votes 2021

The City of Corner Brook 2021 Municipal Elections are upon us, with nominations for candidates taking place from today, Monday, August 24 until Tuesday, August 31, after which time a list of candidates for the council and mayor’s seats will be announced.

Residents can vote in person at either of the 2 advanced polls on Tuesday, September 21 and Saturday September 25 between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm at the Corner Brook Curling Club next to the Civic Centre. The regular election will be held on Tuesday, September 28 from 8 am to 8 pm at the regular poll locations.

As in previous elections, you can also apply to vote by proxy and for the first time, this year residents will be able to vote by mail-in ballot which has to be ordered by September 14 (if you want it mailed to you) or picked up at City Hall no later than September 20 if you want to pick it up in person at City Hall.

Follow the link above to find out how to register to vote, or to check to see if you are on the voters list and to find out more about the election.

City Hall

Corner Brook City Hall was completed and opened in August 2011.

The project features a green roof, which reduces the heat island effect of the building and mitigates storm water runoff. There is also a geothermal heating system, which saves approximately 496 metric tons of greenhouse gas annually, low flow plumbing fixtures and a rainwater collection system, which contribute to water conservation. Additionally the building has low “E” glazed windows, which maximize the amount of natural light within the building and increase insulation, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

The City of Corner Brook has made a commitment to be a leader in sustainability, and achieving the LEED Silver standard was seen as a way to set an example for others in our community and across the province. We also recognized the opportunity to achieve significant operational cost savings through energy efficiency and sustainable practices required to meet the standards.