Council salaries: some things I would like to know.

If elected, I am committed to asking the hard questions.
Here are some questions I would like to ask on council:
· Was there a recent report on council salary and benefits?
· What did it recommend?
· When was it discussed?
· What did the review cost?
· Is the report (if it exists) being kept secret from the public until after the election?
· If salary increases are recommended, who would agree to accept the increases?
The answers to these questions are important. Let’s remember that the outgoing Council increased the residential property tax from 7.5 mils to 8.25 mils. And let’s remember that the Mayor and Council already gave themselves a raise in 2018, (with only Councillors Chaisson and Granter voting against.)
In order to get the answers to these questions, this morning I made a request with the city to release the Consultant’s report, if there is one. Stay tuned!
In the meantime, here’s my commitment: as a Councilor, I would NOT vote in favor of any increase to the salary for the Mayor or Councillors. The taxpayers of Corner Brook are paying enough already.

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