So what’s up with the roads?

Harvey Road

From  what I see around town, it seems that Council is only focusing its paving program on the main roads this year, while many other roads are left neglected.  Corner Brook is more than the main streets!

If you go to any number of side streets, be careful!  Potholes, missing layers of pavement and ruts await you.  It’s not as if the Mayor and Council aren’t aware of these issues. Many people have told me that they have made complaints about their roads, but to no avail. Silence and inaction are what they have experienced.

When a waterline breaks in winter or spring, city crews need to dig up the road to carry out repairs. That’s understandable. But nobody should have to wait six months or more to see these areas replaced.  The same goes for potholes.  

Of course if you don’t spend enough money on road maintenance each year, the roads will quickly fall apart. 

Here’s what this Mayor and Council have spent on roads:

  • At the May 10 public meeting earlier this year, Council announced that they are planning to spend only $1.7 million on the city’s 2021 annual paving program.
  • In 2020, according to the June 20 council minutes, they spent $1.6 million on street paving
  • In 2019 the paving program was valued at $2.785 million (Council meeting June 17, 2019).
  • In 2018 the amount was announced at $1.9 Million. 

By comparison, between 2014 and 2017, the city spent over $ 3 Million on roads each and every year! That’s a big difference from what we have seen over the past few years from the current council.  And the lack of investment really has added up.

If I am elected to city council, I commit to once again making roads a priority.  In order to take pride in our City, we need to maintain it properly.

And I’ll end the silence.  You’ll know where things stand with the paving program.  You’ll know how much the city is spending and where that money is going.  

Let’s get Corner Brook moving again!


  1. I have been living in the corner of Lear’s Rd and Pittmans lane,3 years now.
    I had spoken to, the head of city works
    As well as many others.
    All I hear it’s very expensive to replace the the road.
    This has been an ongoing issue for quite a few years
    However they put sandbags in front of my property,so there’s admission to the the problem, but yet they fail to fix the problem.
    The sandbags are torn up by the plow in winter
    And there Is sand all over my property
    But they don’t come to clean that up.
    Furthermore,they can pay monies for a round about, of which wasn’t necessary.
    When there are much bigger issues , that have been ongoing for years and years.
    I need your support regarding same
    And if you make a point concerning this matter
    You will have my vote
    But I need assurance, that this issue will be dealt with asap and resolved
    I give you my permission to place a sign up in front of my house,as well I don’t know where I have to go to vote??
    Trusting in you
    Yours truly
    Barbara Pittman

    1. Hi Mrs. Pittman,

      Thanks for your comments. There is no doubt that your road needs to be rebuilt. It is a relic of the seventy’s and I believe the last remaining concrete street in the city. From what I can see, the centre of the road is well below grade and forms a pond right in front of your house whenever it rains. It will cost money to rebuild, but that’s why you pay taxes and the city applies for capital funding from the provincial government – to deal with these kinds of issues. One thing is for sure, nobody should have to permanently sandbag their home because the infrastructure has failed. I cannot guarantee that I can get your road rebuilt, but I can promise you that I am aware of the issue, and that if I am elected, I will bring it to council and keep bringing it up until it gets done.

      I am all out of signs, but I will see if i can get one for you later.

      In the meantime, on Election Day, you will be voting at All Saints Church Hall at 44 Clarence street.

      All the best,


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