The “Confidential Report” on Council Compensation.

Earlier today I shared a list of questions that I would like to ask. After making a request of the city, I have received a copy of the report on recommendations for Council salary and benefits.

It is dated January 2021.

It recommends that the Mayor salary be increased from $39,300 to $58,493.

It recommends that Councillor salary be increased from $25,380 to $36,558.

I still have the following questions:

When was the report discussed?

How much did the report cost?

Why, after the council had viewed the report was kept secret?

We have a right to know what is happening at City Hall. We have a right to be informed about what the Mayor and Council are doing.

My commitment to you is to ask the hard questions, to keep you informed, and to put an end to the secrecy at City Hall.

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